Grace Aurora Chang

"Echoes Across Space"

21 Mar 2021 Article
A yearning, dreamy piece for solo piano.

The sheet music for "Echoes Across Space" is now available. It is a dreamy piece with a sense of yearning.

I wrote this piece in the midst of frustration and pain. Impatience and patience were the driving emotions while I was writing this piece. I felt like I was hovering between the sea and stars, yearning to launch up to the sky but just drifting around and waiting and waiting.

But in these times we become keenly aware that everyone is facing incredible hardships. We need to be distanced from one another. This space can seem lonely and silent. But I was encouraged when I looked up at the big continuous sky and realized that we don't need to face our hardships alone. Even though we need to be distanced from one another, many people have chosen to carry each others' burdens in different ways. There is no sound in space but silence can still be echoed. A smile is reciprocated. A kind note is acknowledged. A 2m long stick is used to poke a friend. We are not alone. We are all looking up at the same stars contemplating and hoping for the same things. Thoughts echoing across space.

It can also be found on SpotifyAmazon MusicApple Music and iTunes. I hope you enjoy it.



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